Level-5 announced the Japanese release windows for The Snack World, as well as revealing new details on their latest cross media project, at Level-5 Vision 2016.

The Snack World will launch first on iOS and Android in April 2017 for Japan, and will premiere alongside the title’s CGI animated series.

As for the 3DS version of The Snack World, the game will launch in Japan a couple of months later in July.

Following its reveal last year, Level-5 revealed more details about The Snack World, including its ‘hyper casual fantasy’ world and its real time battle system.

The world of Snack World will not just contain elements of traditional RPG’s, such as inns and weapon shops, but will also feature more casual elements such as smartphones, cafes, convenience stores and vending machines.

Level-5 also revealed gameplay for the title, see below;

The Snack World Gameplay Debut

We also found out that The Snack World will work with real-world items known as ‘Jara’, which will be distributed at an unannounced date.

‘Jara’ will be equipped with NFC chips that can be read by 3DS and smartphones, and will unlock their respective items in the game. Takara Tomy, the distributor’s of these items, will even have brands of different weapons of ‘Jara’.

Level-5 also gave more details on the scope of this cross media project, and they plan to release a monthly manga and a toy line by Takara Tomy.