In an interview with Dengeki PlayStation, Falcom’s CEO and president Toshihiro Kondo revealed some new tidbits about the next entry into the Legend of Heroes:Trails of Cold Steel series.

Most notably, Kondo revealed that Falcom are currently considering whether to make Trails of Cold Steel III a PlayStation 4 exclusive or whether to make it cross platform with the PlayStation Vita.

Whilst it has lead to a lot of speculation, especially from the highly vocal Vita audience, two notable games about the game’s release can be taken from this tidbit.

Firstly, it is pretty much guaranteed that Legend of Heroes:Trails of Cold Steel III will be released on PlayStation 4, which makes sense given its massive install base. Also unsurprisingly, it seems Falcom will likely not be releasing a PlayStation 3 finale to a trilogy which has seen its previous two titles released on the ageing home console.

As for a PlayStation Vita release, I feel like Kondo’s comments leave us in the balance of seeing a portable release. Whilst them considering an exclusive may seem alarming, Kondo does also acknowledge that there are a lot of Trails fans on the PlayStation Vita.

Not only does the PlayStation Vita have both Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Cold Steel II, it also has five Japan exclusive ‘Evolution’ Trails games for PlayStation Vita. These titles are ports of some of the PSP games, namely the Trails in the Sky trilogy, as well as Trails of Azure and Trails of Zero.

The interview also revealed that work has begun on Trails of Cold Steel III, and should go full scale next summer, likely after they finish the PS4 version of Ys VIII:Lacrimosa of Dana is released.

Falcom have already remodelled Rean and his compatriots, yet would not clarify if he will remain the protagonist. However, he reassured Dengeki PlayStation that the protagonist and story have already been outlined.

Outside of Trails of Cold Steel III, Kondo revealed that he wants to work on PlayStation VR.