Level-5 have revealed Lady Layton, the latest entry in their massively popular Professor Layton series, at their Level-5 Vision 2016 event.

Lady Layton: The Millionare Ariadone’s Conspiracy will follow Katrielle Layton, Professor Layton’s daughter, as well as a cast of brand new characters.

Katrielle will also receive assistance from her talking dog Sharo and part-time helper Noah Montoir, as well as being opposed by her rival Geraldine Lawyer.

Level-5 is also changing the traditional structure of the Professor Layton series with Lady Layton, with the game now focussing on solving multiple mystery cases observed by everyday Londoners.

Level-5 are also promising Lady Layton will pack a faster pace, as well as a more comical tone that other entries in the series.

They also hope audiences will find the title more familiar and funnier, as well as maintaining its adventurous quality.

The creators of Lady Layton are also teasing that the puzzles and brain teasers will be new.

Just as with other projects revealed at their Vision 2016 event, Level-5 revealed that Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy will launch on 3DS, Android and iOS.

They also revealed that the game is due out in spring 2017, while Level-5 International revealed the game will launch in the west at some time next year.

Level-5 have also revealed the launch trailer for Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy, see below.

Lady Layton: The Millionaire Ariadone’s Conspiracy – Reveal Trailer