NIS America have announced that they will be releasing The Longest Five Minutes in the west for PlayStation Vita and PC next year.

The Syupro-DX developed adventure RPG was released earlier this week in Japan by Nippon Ichi Software, NIS America’s parent company.

It is yet another PlayStation Vita game that is being brought to Steam for the west specifically, with Japan only seeing its Vita release this week.

In The Longest Five Minutes, our hero is facing against the origin of evils in the land, the Overlord, before he suddenly loses all his memories.

During his final encounter with the Overlord, actions by those around him will trigger flashbacks which will bring back memories of the hero’s journey to this confrontation.

NIS America states that all memories play out in a traditional 8-bit style, and that the outcome of these memories will affect your party in the final showdown with the Overlord.

Alongside the announced localisation and release window, NIS America released a teaser trailer, see below;

The Longest Five Minutes Teaser Trailer